Ballut Blocks formed in 1951, is one of the earliest to be established in the local building and construction industry.  Over the years the Company has expanded, from the production of concrete blocks to the manufacture of all types of prefabricated concrete products and to the formation of a comprehensive fleet of specialised equipment for earth-moving, rock cutting and other civil engineering works.  Many of these products and services were first introduced in Malta by Ballut Blocks.
To accomodate this continuing expansion and development, the Company moved in 1974 to its premises at Wied Filep, limits of Naxxar.  In fact, in recent years three more manufacturing plants, incorporating the latest production technology, were added to the existing ones to keep pace with product demand.  The raw material needed for production in also quarried from ths same area.
Quality of service is paramount in our operation.  To this end our specialised staff is always available, freely and without obligation to advise on all aspects of Ballut Blocks production such as structural and economical appraisals, application instructions and other general recommendations.  Furthermore, as a customer you can be sure that all that all aspects of our production have been closely inspected and found to achieve the specified quality.  This high level of quality control is possible through our own in-house laboratory where a continous program of tests and experimental work is maintained.  The company's products are also regularly tested by independent laboratories.
Ballut Blocks assures all its customers that it will exercise all proper skill and care in the manufacture of all its products.  We will guarantee all performance specifications and requirements as agreed before purchase.
Wied Filep, L/O Naxxar, Malta
Tel.: (356) 21573093, 21572666,   
                21576419, 21487738

Fax.: (356) 21575562