Long Spans

Prestressed floor slabs offer the maximum design advantages of achieving long spans for given depths.  In this way large areas of clear span can be obtained without the complications of intermediate supports and beams.

Speed of erection

Many of the time consuming site work activities, such as propping, shuttering and concrete pouring and curing, are virtually eliminated.  This drastic reduction in construction time also means a quicker return on capital.

Immediate Working Platform

As well as the speed with which they are installed, precast floors have a 'knock on' effect in providing an immediate working platform to the trades which follows.

No Propping

No propping is normally required for precast floors.

Minimum of Wet Concrete

As only the minimum of concrete work is carried out on site, a precast floor system saves on what can be a complex and time consuming site operation subject to the vagaries of the weather.

Design Approach Flexibility

Precast floors can be manufactured to specified requirements and design considerations using purposely made equipment.

Structural Efficiency

The hollow core slab is a highly structurally efficient section as it reduces deadweight whilst maintaining the full load/span advantages from the slab depth.

Rigorous Factory Standards

Precast floors are manufactured in a factory environment that can be more readily controlled than a building site.  Quality control is properly implemented and maintained throughout the whole production process.

Planning Flexibility

Prestressed hollow slabs allow loadbearing walls on all parts of the floor area without requiring supporting beams or special reinforcement.  Thuis normally reduces costs and floor depth.  Furthermore, it provides the architect with greater design flexibility.

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