Ballut Blocks has one of the largest and most comprehensive fleets of construction plant and equipment in Malta.  It can be relied upon to successfully undertake all kinds of rock cutting, earth moving, trenching and demolishing works, no matter how extensive.

The Company's range of specialised equipment includes:
  • Bulldozers with rock rippers
  • Mechanical loading shovels
  • Excavators with hydraulic hammers
  • Mini-mechanical diggers

Below is a complete list of plant and equipment owned by Ballut Blocks

The c ompany is proud of having been, for more than thirty years, involved in Malta's infrastructural expansion and progress.  Its construction equipment has over the years been engaged for the excavation works of the most important national development projects.  Past large scale rock excavation works like Malta International Airport, Kordin Grain Silos, Malta Freeport, Delimara Power Station and recent projects like Tigne Point and Smart City Malta.
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