The main advantages of pumping concrete are that it can be delivered to site points that are not easily accessible or congested.  Pumping delivers the concrete direct from the mixer to the form, avoiding double handling.  Placing can procedd at the rate of the pumping output and is not held back by the limitations of the transporting and placing equipment.

Ballut Blocks is fully equipped to supply pumped concrete up to a height of 30m and a maximum distance of 60m.
Concrete, Aggregate and Reinforcement
Ballut Blocks produces and supplies ready-mix concrete to different grades and specifications.
The normal range of concrete production includes the following types:

  • GRADE 15 (C15)
  • GRADE 20 (C20)
  • GRADE 25 (C25)
  • GRADE 30 (C30)

Fine and coarse aggregates are also produced by the company from its own hard stone quarries.  The aggregate can be supplied and delivered with tipper trucks or truck mixers depending on the nature of the job.  The range of aggregates available by Ballut Blocks include:

  • 3 inch spalls
  • 3/4 inch spalls
  • 1/2 inch spalls
  • 3/8 inch spalls
  • sand (different grades)
  • crushed fill (torba)
  • sand and spalls

All types of mild steel reinforcement is supplied by Ballut Blocks, including:

Mild Steel Mesh

Mild Steel Bars with Diameters of:

3/8" (10mm)                    3/4" (20mm)

1/2" (12mm)                      1"  (25mm)

5/8" (16mm)                 1-1/4" (32mm)

Stirrups and bar bending and cutting are produced using the latest computerised machinery to all shapes and sizes.  Reinforcement can also be assembled by the company's personnel at the plant, before transporting the units on site.
Wied Filep, L/O Naxxar, Malta
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Fax.: (356) 21575562

Higher grades and specifications are available on request.


All concrete supplied by Ballut Blocks is guaranteed to perform according to specification.  If requested, the company also offers the facility to the architect and engineer in charge of works to assist to cube compression tests performed by the company's technicians on the supplied concrete.