The Ballut Blocks beam and block flooring system has in recent years grown rapidly in popularity, especially in domestic construction works.  Basically, this flooring system consists of a series of precast T-Beams with special infill blocks between the beams.  A concrete topping is then applied over the beams and blocks stabilizing the whole structure.
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This beam and block flooring system is simple, economical and does not require any skilled labour to set up.  Furthermore, this method of construction reduces much of the site work that is evident in traditional in-situ concrete roofs, as normally no formwork or reinforcement is required on site.  Another obvious advantage is speed of erection.

The infill hollow concrete blocks ae purposely designed by Ballut Blocks for this method of roof construction.  Different sizes of blocks are available according to roof specifications.  The lightness of the hollow blocks reduces dead load, allowing the beams to span further.

A wide range of infill block sizes and T-Beam types are available depending on the span, load and floor thickness specified.  The infill concrete blocks are classified in four basic types according to their thickness: 3 inch, 7 inch, 9 inch and 11 inch.
For more details regarding dimentions, volume and self-weight of the roofing blocks please contact Ballut Blocks Ltd.

The precast T-Beams are prestressed, designed and manufactured by Ballut Blocks using modern machinery and technology.  All aspects of production can thus be closely monitored by the Company's engineers.

Before applying the concrete topping, the beam and block surface should be cleaned and wetted to prevent water being absorbed from the concrete.  The concrete topping should be of at least 20 N/mm2 strenght and a thickness of 50mm or more.

The T-Beams and blocks can be delivered on site by the company's trucks which are equipped with self-powered cranes that hoist the products on the required floor level.

The whole precast system can be easily manhandled.  Normally, two men can lay up to 150m2 in a day.  To lay on the supporting wall all that is required is that the wall are plumb and level as with all roof construction.  Service holes are readily provided for by ommitting blocks where necessary and filling with in-situ concrete.  The T-beams should be propped at 2m intervals before the concrete blocks are laid.

All types of floor finishes that are normally used in concrete floors can be applied in the same way on the concrete topping.

At the ceiling surface the beams are purposely recessed slightly to ensure a consistent and homogeneous plaster finish.

More information, standard calculations and costings are available on request, freely and without obligation.

All products are guaranteed to perform according to specifications and requirements as agreed before purchase.

  • Available ex-stock
  • Speed of erection
  • Ease of handling
  • Minimises preplanning and cuts down on trades
  • Receives all floor finishes
  • Reduces costs
The T-Beams are available in standard lenghts ex-stock in increments of 3 inches subject to quantity.  Non- standard lenghts can be ordered for large quantities.
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