Construction of Warehouse at Bulebel for Actavis

Work: Warehouse and Receiving and Export Building BLB 15
Location: Bulebel Industrial Estate Zejtun.

The project consisted of the construction of a Warehouse and Receiving and Export Building and two reservoir outbuildings. The footprint area measured approximately 3000 square meters.

The roof system included various types of prestressed – precast panels such as the 760mm thick hollow core type panels due to the large spans and heavy loading. Roof works which included a thick layer of insulation material preceded the structural topping works. 

The warehouse floor finish was such that a computerized shelving system, installed on rails, is operated daily without interruptions. In view of this high level of finish the floor included post tensioned cables which upon release guaranteed a lesser need for surface expansion joints, less thermal/shrinkage surface cracking and less other surface imperfections.