National Flood Relief Project

Work: Qormi & Marsa Canals and Bridges.
Location: Qormi/Marsa Valley

During major floods, the downstream part of Qormi, the Golf Course and the Aldo Moro crossing in Marsa flooded, with consequent damages to economic activities, private and public properties. The lack of conveyance capacity and existing infrastructure were the main reason of flooding. The National Flood Relief Project prioritized the rehabilitation of canals and bridges along the water course from Wied is Sewda in Qormi to Aldo Moro Road in Marsa.

The works included:
1. the construction of a culvert under Triq il Wied in Qormi:
2. The demolition of a single span prestressed bridge at Triq Il-Mithna.
3. The demolition and reconstruction of a single span prestressed bridge at Triq Correa
4. The construction of a new opening adjacent to the skewed arch bridge at Triq San Bastjan
5. The demolition and the construction of the bridge at Manuel Dimech in Marsa
6. The construction of a two box culverts under the golf course.
7. The construction of four box culverts under Triq Aldo Moro Marsa.