Tigne T14 Building – Sliema

Work: Supply and construction of the precast elements for the construction of the cores and the floors of the buildings. (As part of the Framestructures Joint Venture)

Location: The multi-storey building located at Tigne` Point forms part of the the Tigne` Complex.



In view of the tight time frames for the delivery of the project it was envisaged to construct the cores, which included the stairs, lift shafts, bathroom facilities and service shafts in precast sandwich walls which included all openings for mechanical and electrical services installations. The project gained from the fact that the precast elements were produced away from the construction site under factory conditions and better quality control systems. The system also opted for less site works, less dust generation, less noise pollution and less inconvenience to residents in apartments just a few meters away from the construction site. The use of precast construction rendered the site a safer one relative to traditional construction systems. 

The designer had opted for the precast element which form the outer skin of the cores to remain as concrete finish thus exploiting the aesthetic contrast of concrete and glass cladding, two durable materials which thus require minimum maintenance. A special concrete mix adequate to resist a relatively harsh exposure was used for the outer wall panels as an added protection.

Stairs were similarly precast saving time of erecting formwork and propping on site.

Roof Slabs:

The installation of steel in preparation for the placing of precast prestressed planks followed the completion of the cores. The latter provided lateral stability as the core had also included special connections for the steel elements which formed the structure of the open plan office space. Precast edge fascia beams which were placed to the perimeter of the building included special brackets prepared for the installation of the glass curtain aluminum structure.

Reinforced concrete structural topping was placed on the planks using concrete pumps.